Sunday, 20 July 2014

Drawing Galway 005 - The Canal Walk (behind Born in Galway)

Jay picked us a fantastic locale for our session of drawing Galway this week, and we got lucky with the weather! The Galway International Arts Festival 2014 is on, so the city is full of Art and life at the moment, putting us all in the mood for getting out and about and doing a bit of Urban Sketching. It also a makes the city full of distractions, and as it's also the month where plenty of people go on their holidays, so it was a smaller gathering than last time!

Galway is full of canals, and we have walks alongside most of them. They make great spots to sit in the Sun and have lunch, or better yet to sit and draw! Every angle from where we sat, you could see picturesque, interesting scenery all about. The only downside to where we were is that the foliage is in full bloom at the moment, so it was only glimpses of the Cathedral, the Arts Festival tent, St Nicholas's Church etc that we captured. Everything else was trees and flowers!

Daniel hard at work -

Jay waving while Roisin, Brianan, Harry, Laura & Marian keep painting like proper Urban Sketchers!

Harry's work -

Laura's work -

Jay's painting -

Roisin & Brianan - the weather was lovely in Galway today!

Roisin's work -

Brianan's work -

Angeline & Patricia painting in the sunshine -

They were doing lovely quick sketches in watercolour, here's both of Angeline's

and my sketch of the day -

Loads of fun! Come join us on the 24th of August for Drawing Galway 006 - Mutton Island/Grattan Road