Sunday, 23 March 2014

Drawing Galway 001 - NUIG, Aras na MacLeinn area.

We had our first Urban Sketchers Galway meet-up! For those interested, we met here:

Here we all are, gathered against the cold. It was actually a lovely day compared to our recent weather, but still very chilly. Hopefully by our next meet-up in April Galway will be starting to take a turn for the warmer. That's Róisín Curé, Jay Penn and Bróna from left to right. I was seated beside Jay.

Jay was well insulated against the cold.

Jay produced this excellent watercolour of the wall at the Bailey Allen Hall (the student centre, or Áras na MacLéinn around these parts).

Róisín's view of the Bailey Allen Hall.

My version of the Hall.

Bróna's sketches of the Bailey Allen Hall.

Róisín and Bróna turned from the Hall eventually and looked up towards the Quadrangle.

Róisín made this sketch with myself and Jay with the Quad in the background, plus Patrick and Katie, who were out with us for a while.

And that's our first Urban Sketching session! We'll be gathering somewhere around the docks at the end of April. We'll be posting updates on that here, and over on our Facebook page. The docks are located here:

That will also probably be the end of the month, unless we catch wind of an interesting ship coming in, as Róisín is quite keen on interesting ships! Come draw Galway with us!