Sunday, 31 August 2014

Drawing Galway 006 - Mutton Island/Grattan Road

So we went out and about in Galway, but as can happen occasionally in our cold temperate climate, it was raining and grey when we got there. Like, the kind of rain that would dissolve sketchbooks. So we went up the road to the cafe attached to the Galway Aquarium ( The Atlantaquaria ) for tea, coffee and sketches. :) There was only a few of us in, and Margaret left her drawing supplies in the car, so here's the few bits and pieces we made!

Roisin Cure -

Katie Creaven -

Daniel Reynolds -

Donal Fallon -

That was it (apart from all the damp). Come join us on the 21st of September for Drawing Galway 007 - The Spanish Arch!

A small update: Brianán was Urban Sketching on the same weekend - while at the Electric Picnic Music Festival! Obviously they had very different weather over in the East, here's her pic from the weekend:

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